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Keynote August in Pittsburgh



 Susan Kemmerer will be the keynote speaker
on August 26, 2017 at the CHAP Pittsburgh Conference.
Susan Kemmerer is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Homeschool Supermom…NOT!. She and her husband Dale have nine children, and by God’s grace, have been homeschooling since 1989. Seven of their children are graduated and two are still school-age. Susan has authored a number of textbooks, including her newest (a Bible study) Fencing Lessons, as well as Apples Daily Spelling Drills and other titles. Susan has spoken at homeschool conferences across the country. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and needlework. Besides spending time with their children and grandchildren (13 of them!), the Kemmerer’s love spending time in fellowship with believers in their local church. They run their business Schoolhouse Publishing from their home in Franconia, PA.
A Recipe for Success

Okay, so, I’ve homeschooled for more than two decades (and have more than a decade to go). Surely I’ve learned some secret for successful homeschooling! Is there a formula that any mom can apply, or a recipe that will guarantee a successful homeschooling experience? Susan shares 3 ingredients vital to any truly thriving homeschool. A fun and lighthearted, yet hard-hitting workshop that will strengthen your homeschooling foundations and insure a successful endeavor.

Preparing Your Outside-the-Box Kid for an Outside-the-Box Future

Doesn’t it seem that there’s only one legitimate path to success nowadays? Graduate high school, then go to college and graduate with a degree you’ll most likely never use, and accumulate a mountain of debt in the process. But, Moms, you homeschool because you think outside the box! There are SO MANY options available to you! You’re already providing a unique education for your uniquely-crafted child. Don’t stop now! Your child can be wildly successful with or without college. Susan, whose six sons all followed non-traditional career paths and are wildly successful, will offer help, brainstorm ideas, and show you that homeschooling outside the box toward the future is an exciting endeavor! Courage!

Confessions of a disorganized homeschool mom

I always thought I was an organized person – until I had 9 kids and homeschooled. Now I am faced with the humiliating truth. I am a messy! However, I have learned a number of tricks to make homeschool run more smoothly.  I’ll share with you my daily log ideas, my multilevel teaching ideas, and my daily “schedule.” I’ll also give you tips on what to do with all that homeschool clutter (books and projects) that accumulate. A fun workshop for the organizationally challenged.

Schoolhouse Publishing and the following will be in Pittsburgh

Grove City College

Accomplish Reading

Cedarville University

Daughters of Decision

Demme Learning

Erie County Homeschoolers Diploma Association

Family Tree Learning Center

Finding Christ Books

Flagship Niagara League

Home School Legal Defense Association

Miracle Mountain Resort

Ready-Made Preschool

Samaritan's Purse/Operation Christmas Child

Triangle Tech

Usborne Books & More